Pool Repair
We Accept
Preventative Maintenance Program
For Pools & Spas  This Is A No Labor Charge Service Program

Included in our Preventative Maintenance Service
Plan is our 10 Point Tune Up which insures
that we catch any problems before they start.

1. Pump and  Motor Operation
2. Filter Efficiency
3. Auto Cleaner Operation
4. Heater Efficiency and Operation
5. Time Clocks Operation
6. Sensor For Auto Controls
7. Water Leaks
8. Lube and Inspect Valves
9. Test GFCI Breakers
10.Inspect All Above Ground Conduit
and Grounding Connections.

And you receive a 10% discount on all repairs plus Priority Service
no overtime charges & no labor charges.
Longer Equipment Life
Keeping equipment at its top performance
will prolong the life of all its parts. This will
lower your annual cost.
Maximize Safety
Routine Maintenance assures safe
operation of your equipment by correcting
the problem before they occur.
Reduced Fuel Bills
By cleaning and calibrating your pool/spa
equipment on a regular basis, the equipment
operates at its best efficiency.
This keeps your fuel bill to a minimum.
This service should be performed annually on all pool filters.
Annual Cleaning Of Pool/Spa Filter
Degrease Filter Media
Remove Scale Build Up
Longer Filter Life On Media
Cleaner Filter Means Better Filtration
More Effective Use Of Chemicals